Heeling Hounds Services

Effective Behavior Modification ~ Benefits

- Perfect for addressing those unwanted “problem behaviors”: jumping, digging, barking, chewing, nipping, leash pulling, etc!
- Tailored to meet individual and family needs in realistic home environment
- No driving to classes or group sessions; I come to your home for personalized consultation
- No "magic time limit" for initial consultation; I stay and work with you until we fashion a feasible, realistic course of action for identifying and correcting problem behaviors
- Selective email and telephone follow-up tips and advice offered gratis

Tailored Obedience Training ~ Benefits

- Perfect for adding desired behaviors to your dog’s repertoire and teaching our “human” vocabulary: Sit, Stay, Down, Leave It, Drop It, etc.!
- Gentle training — no harsh methods, shouting, or intimidation
- Dog psychology versus human psychology & explanations
- Verbal and non-verbal cues/commands
- Clicker method also offered

Individualized Adoption Transition Counseling ~ Benefits

- Perfect for both newly-adopted puppies and older dogs who have joined the household!
- Demonstrating cohesive leadership by all family members will give dog a sense of security in unfamiliar new environment
- Dog will flourish with consistent, established routine and develop trust and self-confidence
- Following easy tips and steps in the beginning will prevent labor-intensive rehabilitation in the long run
- Learn how to communicate what you want using language your dog can understand

Customized In-Home Day Training ~ Benefits

- Perfect way to kick-start training for busy families!
- No rearranging your schedule to attend classes or accommodate a trainer's schedule--training is accomplished in the home while owners are at work, in school, or running errands; once training is complete, owners receive follow-up reports and personalized instruction on techniques and methods used in order to foster continued success
- Behavioral issues are addressed in dog's familiar home setting with one-on-one interaction between dog and trainer; no distractions from other dogs, people, or environment
- In-Home Day Training can successfully address 1) Behavior Modification issues to eradicate undesired behaviors and 2) Obedience Training to add desired behaviors
- Your home and property are protected--Heeling Hounds is insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas/Association of Professional Dog Trainers