About Glenda

My name is Glenda Herrin and I'm the owner and founder of Heeling Hounds.

As a “military brat” born in Oslo, Norway, I spent my childhood moving around the globe until my father retired from the Air Force. I chose to follow in his footsteps, and served 20 years in the Air Force as a German and Russian Linguist/Translator. In 2000, I retired in Germany, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in German from the University of Maryland, and worked in various teaching and administrative positions in Belgium, California, Hawaii, and El Paso.

Since retiring, I have actively pursued my decade-long dream of working with and training dogs. I worked as a volunteer dog-walker at the Hawaiian Humane Society in 2005, during which time I gained valuable experience handling over 100 different dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments, from Beagle to Pit Bull to Doberman Pinscher. Since establishing Heeling Hounds in July 2008, I have helped over 800 El Paso families solve behavior modification issues and succeed with obedience training their dogs. I credit successfully training and interacting with over 1000 canines to applying what I have learned about dog psychology, behavior, and communication from trainers and authors such as Dr. Stanley Coren, Beth Duman, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Steve Duno, Tamar Geller, Martha Hoffman, Lynn Hoover, Sarah Kalnajs, Matty Margolis, Shelby Marlo, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Cesar Millan, Arden Moore, Paul Owens, Turid Rugaas, Victoria Stilwell, and Nicole Wilde.

I hold certifications as a Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the Animal Behavior College Level II Certification, and Raise With Praise Dog Training in Burbank, California. I have been a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers since 2008, and have served as a Mentor Trainer for the Animal Behavior College since 2010. I have volunteered locally at the Animal Rescue League of El Paso and Howl-A-Day Inn Kennel, and was requested by name to teach dog-handling classes at the Humane Society of El Paso beginning in January 2011. My husband and I currently live with two adopted Husky/Malamute-mixes and a Great Pyrenees mix, as well as two cats who are convinced they’re the Alpha Pack Leaders of the household.

The Heeling Hounds Training Philosophy

The Heeling Hounds Training Philosophy is that there are no bad dogs—just uneducated dogs. It is our job as human “parents” to explain to our dogs exactly what behavior we want or don't want using a form of communication the dog can understand. This means no harsh methods, shouting, intimidation, or harmful techniques of any sort. A parent dog or wolf never hits, kicks, punches, or shouts at members of the pack, and neither should we. It makes no sense to a dog and serves only to instill confusion, fear, distrust, and sometimes aggression. My method involves assessing the situation of each dog in its home environment and providing owners with specific, tailored suggestions, demonstrations, and tips to help explain to the dog exactly what is being asked of him or her in language that makes sense. Obedience training and behavior modification are presented using a fun, stress-free, and rewarding approach for both dogs and their humans!