K-9 Kudos

“I have implemented every suggestion that Glenda has made and it has made such a positive impact on raising our new puppy. Her response to our call for help was quick and she was so easy to get ahold of. We are glad we were referred to her.” —Bill & Rebecca Q., and German Shepherd Dog Kona, September 2017

“Glenda has been a godsend for us. Ellie loves her. She will be truly missed. I hope to stay in contact with you after your big move. You are truly an angel.” —Kelly C. and Cane Corso mix Ellie, August 2017

“Very knowledgeable, patient, kind. Everything was perfect. Thank you for all your help!” —Brisa C. and Standard Poodle Phoenix, July 2017

“My husband and I recently adopted a Blue Heeler that is about 18 months old. We have had 2 Blue Heelers in the past, but we got them as puppies. They both went to obedience training; however, their training was in a group setting. I didn't think that setting would be appropriate for our adopted dog. She was exhibiting extreme behavior. We Googled dog training, and we found Heeling Hounds. From our very first conversation, I knew we had found the perfect person to help train our new dog. Glenda Herrin from Heeling Hounds is the epitome of a caring professional dog trainer. She came to our house on the east side of El Paso even though her office is on the west side. During our first session, she exuded extensive knowledge, true professionalism and an apparent love for animals. She evaluated our dog, and immediately began her corrections. After just one session, our lives and the personality of our dog dramatically changed for the better. I can never compliment Glenda and her company, Heeling Hounds, enough! My dog made a new friend, and we have added Glenda to our family. I can't wait for our next session at the end of this week. I'm excited to see what the next part of our training will encompass! I honestly believe that we have found the true 'dog whisperer. —Tom and Ronda S. and Blue Heeler Elle, June 2017

“We gained a lot of insight into their behavior. We realized we have great dogs and it was with the help of Heeling Hounds. (Training) was fun and helpful. We have control back and a happier household with the fur babies.” —Allan & Nicole D. and St. Bernard Max, Doberman Pinscher Laydee, Dobermann/Pit Bull mix Sweetpea, and Corgi Pomeranian mix Cubby, June 2017

“Molly is doing so good with people. And dogs. My son and dogs were in town a couple weeks ago and did a meet and greet at the Humane Society. They were a pack for a weekend. (Molly is now) comfortable walking up to people and getting petted. It’s really awesome. Thanks for helping get Molly here.” —Hector and Teresa M., and Poodle mix Molly, May 2017

“Bear is doing soooo good. He has adopted us now. Without you Bear would still be living behind the couch. He loves affection and thinks he is a lap dog. He plays ball all the time and looks so happy. Thanks again for everything!!” —Gary and Cathy D. and Border Collie Max, May 2017

“Extremely positive experience. I feel confident moving forward raising my puppy!” —Mark G. and German Shepherd/Boxer mix Stella, May 2017

“Glenda is very knowledgeable, friendly, and did a wonderful job with Reagan! It was a great experience.” —Kathy S. and Australian Shepherd Reagan, April 2017

“Glenda was wonderful (and) very helpful. She spent a lot of quality time with us and with Dasha to help us develop an obedience plan and to troubleshoot problem areas.” —Vinnie and Jodie C. and Black Russian Terrier Dasha, April 2017

“Super happy with overall experience. (Glenda provided) great, practical advice, positive energy, understanding of pet’s needs, a lot of resources, feedback, and follow up. I know my pet will be better and happier after these services. Thank you!” —Marianna O. and Yorkshire Terrier Whiskey, April 2017

“It was a pleasure to work with Heeling Hounds. Glenda quickly answered all of my questions and offered additional advice through email. She really helped me to see and recognize my dogs’ body language, which really helped us all. Glenda helped me to develop a plan for every single issue that I was having trouble with. She was very generous with her time. I highly recommend Heeling Hounds.” —Katrina B. and Labrador Retriever Chase and Lhasa Apso/Tibetan Terrier mix Chewy, February 2017

“(Heeling Hounds offered) creative solutions to complex behavior problems! Flexible hours, friendly service, great knowledge base.” —Jameson and Mary T. and Schnauzer mix Annie and Heeler/Basset Hound mix Tazer, January 2017

“My dog loves Bailey and listens to her when she teaches him. She is a well-informed dog handler and I recommend her to anyone. She’s great!” —Toby K. and Chihuahua mix Webster, December 2016

“Patient, calm, and very knowledgeable. Great explanations. Did a great job in training me!! I am the one that needed the most work. :-)” —Tara M. and Yorkshire Terriers Winnie and Pooh, December 2016

“Very attentive & individualized! LOVE the one-on-one in-home training. Continue what you’re doing! We have had a great experience! :-)” —Ann B. and Rottweiler Bash, November 2016

“Glenda gives little tips that are easy to implement and result in improved behavior.” —Debby R. and Basset Hound Norm, November 2016

“I like the suggestions that make sense/match the (sometimes crazy!) behavior.” —Phoebe C. and Labrador Retriever Cala, November 2016

“Bailey is a lifesaver! She helped our family and our dog immeasurably. Would recommend to anyone.” —Megan K. and Labrador Retriever Harley Quinn, October 2016

“(I would recommend Heeling Hounds) because it works. Glenda is super courteous and attentive, and that makes for a very good experience for us and the dog. Thanks!” —Rafael A. and Spanish Water Dog Chavo, October 2016

“She is doing well! She is such an amazing dog. Everything you taught us has paid off x 100. She is a sweet, well behaved member of our family. The challenges we had with her have been resolved. Training. Time. Patience. Love. Thank you for all of your wisdom and help (a year ago).” —Feedback from Sandra P. after moving from El Paso with German Shepherd/Heeler mix Heidi, October 2016

“On top of the fact that our behavior modification was very effective and informative, it was also a lot of fun having you teach us!” —Brian & Dominique N. and German Shepherd/Weimaraner/Labrador Retriever mix Porter, September 2016

“Sofi is a calmer and more confident dog. Training for us was incredibly helpful!!! We are incredibly thankful to Heeling Hounds/Brennon and Glenda” —Adrianne O. and Chihuahua Dachshund mix Sofi, September 2016

“Glenda is really knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We heard she was the best in El Paso, and she’s shown that to be true. Keep doing what you’re doing.” —Rebekah and Beth and Sharpei/German Shepherd mix Emily, August 2016

“Glenda is always professional, calm, and loves dogs! She’s on time, uses our time together wisely, and leaves me lots of notes so I don't have to rely on my memory. I trust Glenda’s judgement. She always has Evie’s needs as the top priority. Evie, my husband, and I are much better trained because of Glenda. I recommend her without reservation. Clone yourself!” —Barbara A. and Schipperke mix Evie, August 2016

“I enjoyed working with Glenda. The techniques were easy to follow and they really worked on our dog. We saw a great improvement in his behavior in a very short period of time. I like the positive reinforcement training. Charlie responds extremely well to Ms. Glenda.” —Rosie J. and Chocolate Labrador Retriever Charlie, August 2016

“So glad we took the chance to reach out to you for training our pups with positive reinforcement! Every lesson and stop of the way felt incredibly meaningful in learning the skills to teach our puppies. I definitely would recommend (Heeling Hounds) because of the fantastic, easy, instructions that gave us the tools to train our puppies. Thank you so much!” —Cesar V. and German Shepherd puppies Matilda & Jumper, August 2016

“I was looking through your website when I came to your Tips section. I read through all of your advice column! It was just awesome; I would like to thank you for putting those up. As a new dog owner it has been a little frustrating to not know what I’m doing and this has truly been enlightening in many aspects.” —Aileen L. August 2016

“Very satisfied. You are the best! Dash is a tough cookie but she will be 100% with time and consistency.” —Janell D. and Chihuahua Dash, August 2016

“Awesome to have Glenda train in home environment where dog feels comfortable, vs. artificial environment. A safe feeling pet is in good hands. Great results. A+ service all around.” —Eric & Nidia P. and Husky mix Astro, July 2016

“(Working with Heeling Hounds) helped me gain confidence and help my pets. Glenda is very patient and even therapeutic! She understands you and doesn’t judge any mistakes you’ve made when handling your pets. Thank you for helping my family! God bless! :-)” —Marisol S. and Chow Chows Reba, Wynona and Spike, July 2016

“We very much appreciated Glenda coming to our home where our girls were comfortable.  She arrived promptly at the designated time. She went over lessons until we understood. She invited questions and always had the answers. I’m confident we have a friend always.” —Mario and Margie C. and Schnauzer Pixie and Poodle/Maltese mix Millie, June 2016

“Glenda taught us very effective methods to train our little pooch. Very satisfied!” —Bonnie C. and Golden Retriever mix Daisy, June 2016

“Glenda was able to figure out exact behavioral issues, and she knew how to tackle them. I was very satisfied with the service.” —Elizabeth C. and German Shepherd Ranger, May 2016

“Glenda is amazing! My puppy’s behavior has improved dramatically. Service is absolutely outstanding. Thank you, Glenda! I have hope for my puppy! :-)” —Sofia G. and Schnauzer Conor, May 2016

“Effective instructions; excellent rapport with dog; saw immediate improvement.” —Jeff & Nancy H. and Beagle/Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd mix Linus, April 2016

“(Heeling Hounds is) very willing to take however much time is needed to meet the needs of the owner & the pet. Displays the ‘patience of Job’ which is very helpful in a new learning environment. Pleasant, calming, & understanding of the clients’ needs. Do not hesitate to call Heeling Hounds for your pet’s training (and the owner’s training as well!)” —Danny and Carolyn W. and Yellow Labrador Retriever Berkleigh & Chocolate Labrador Retriever Hershey, April 2016

“Glenda is very knowledgeable and communicates extremely well with my pet and me. This was a great experience. Having never used a service like this, I didn’t know what to expect. But Glenda gave me such clear instructions, I truly enjoyed the entire experience. She is very professional and friendly, and enjoys working with my pets.” —Frieda V. and Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer mix Snooki, April 2016

“Glenda does an amazing job at helping my dogs and me feel happy.  I am so happy I contacted you.” —Alba E. and Chihuahua Lola, April 2016

“So happy with our training. I would recommend (Heeling Hounds) 100%. (Glenda was) so extremely helpful and sweet.” —Michael and Leslie P. and Great Dane Bo and Labrador/Shepherd mix Lucy, February 2016

“We have seen improvements and have a plan moving forward that is positive for us and the dogs. (We learned) how to read and how to lead the dogs through body language, calm commands, positive feedback, and rewards for positive actions.” —Danielle L. & Ryan M. and Pit Bulls Solomon and Gracie, February 2016

“What seemed impossible turned into a very happy success story within two visits! Thank you! We and Leia appreciate it very much! Our living conditions have greatly improved since the training.” —Matthew G. and Pit Bull mix Leia, Mastiff mix Miner, and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix Apollo, January 2016

“The suggestions have helped improve our dogs’ behavior tenfold. They are happy and less dependent on following us around the home.” —Jay & Tabitha C. and Australian Shepherds Lily and Buckeye and Old English Bulldog Guinness, January 2016

“Very helpful recommendations. Glenda is so knowledgeable and really helps us understand what our dog needs to thrive. We have already incorporated all of her suggestions and it has really helped us! Thank you very much!” —Sam & Christine C. and German Shepherd mix Ella, January 2016

“Great, positive methods that get results.” —Mark & Melanie M. and Cocker Spaniel/Terrier mix Pickles, January 2016

“Glenda is positive, patient, and obviously loves dogs. She is always on time and calls the day before. She is also available by phone and email.” —Dick and Dorothy M. and Chihuahuas Rambo, Cookie, and Coyote, December 2015

“Thank you very much for your help and skilled expertise. I always recommend Glenda Herrin and Heeling Hounds. She’s the best and very professional and knowledgeable.” —Samantha W. and Poodle Mix Pearl, December 2015

“Nice calm instruction; makes sense for putting into practice; nice--easy--calm--success--dogs respond well to training exercises.” —Teresa M. and deaf Pit Bull Sadie, October 2015

“Our pup has gone from peeing inside the house, destroying couches, and talking back to being independent and attentive. He totals about seven vocabulary words. And Glenda will help teach him how to walk down the aisle when we get married next April! :-) Glenda is amazing! Thank you so much!” —Crystal C. & Brent B. and Pit Bull Cash, October 2015

“Their services have made a huge impact with my relationship with Suzie and helped me be a better new mom to Eightball.” —Domenico & Leticia J. and and Silky Terrier Suzie and Pit Bull mix Eightball, October 2015

“Thank you!  We will call you when we get the next one!” —Sandra P. and Shepherd mix Heidi, October 2015

“Thanks for taking my panicked phone call! I feel like I finally have control of my dogs. We have a much happier home thanks to Heeling Hounds. :-) .” —Dan & Jesska S. and Bull Terriers Bruce & Pearl, October 2015

“We have the most well-behaved dogs and people are always complimenting us. Glenda is AMAZING. She already goes above and beyond for her customers. If you do your homework, your dogs will be amazing! I wish we had more dogs so she could train them all! Thank yo so much!” —Clinton & Liza R. and Labrador Retrievers Dixie & Sadie, September 2015

“They do a professional job suited to our needs.” —David and Margaret R. and Pug/Chihuahua mix Buster, September 2015

“Glenda’s knowledge was superb. She gave me the confidence that I could be in control of my dog’s growth.” —Matthew L. and Siberian Husky Gleisan, August 2015

“My dogs responded positively to Glenda. Glenda was able to help us with the issues that we had with our dogs so that we were able to enjoy them some more. She always had suggestions.” —Suzanna H. and German Shepherd Dogs Tara and Tanner, July 2015

“Everything was great! Glenda was wonderful! Full of knowledge, and the attention to detail on how to train my dogs was great. I will definitely recommend her to anyone needing assistance with their pets.” —Jeremy F. and Pit Bull Adida and Border Collie/Pit Bull mix Nike, July 2015

“With all the information and research that is (available), Heeling Hounds made a situation more manageable that would otherwise be overwhelming. The training gave us hope and confidence in our ability to be good pet owners.  Keep doing the great work!” —Cesar & Autumn M. and Springer Spaniel Luke, July 2015

“Amazed at such a quick response from my amazing dogs with Glenda’s loving training techniques.  And she easily showed me how to get the same response. Thank you!” —Erica H. and Poodle Reggie and Schnauzer mix Willy, July 2015

“We have seen a huge improvement with Trent; Glenda has been so helpful and informative with training our pup. He’s a totally different dog now—his confidence is through the roof and we can’t wait to see his continuing progression!” —Julia A. and Terrier mix Trent, July 2015

“It really made a difference, not only in our dog but also educating us. Everything was perfect!  Thank You Glenda! :-)” —Mario and Nydia R. and Pit Bull mix Kina, July 2015

“Glenda showed a very calming way to treat and talk to dogs.  Even with non-verbal cues, she has a way of talking to dogs.” —Lisa B. and Golden Retriever Lucky, June 2015

“From day one when I contacted Glenda, she was really excited to help me.  Not only did she know how to correct my dog Zoey, she was able to correct my behaviors as well in order to help Zoey succeed in her training.  I really enjoyed her presence and knowledge on helping me grow with Zoey.  The fact that Glenda is willing to accommodate your needs and go to your house for personal training is really the cherry on top.  I definitely recommend her.” —Rigo C. and Miniature Schanuzer Zoey, June 2015

“(I liked the) convenience of in-home visits, and in minimal time, saw significant improvement across the board.  Very happy.” —Bryan L. and Fox Terrier mixes Sprinkles and Jackson, May 2015

“Only had one session and I'm already seeing a difference in Bowser’s behavior. I can’t wait till our next session. Glenda has given me more confidence in being a good pet parent. Have a way to go but I finally feel like we’re headed in the right direction.” —Alvaro and Elaine G. and Doberman Pinscher Bowser, May 2015

“Anyone with a new puppy should have Glenda help with training to start their ‘babies’ off positively. We’re so very happy that we called her for our new baby, Raleigh! Excellent experience, wonderful service!” —Phil and Denise C. and Miniature Schauzer Raleigh, April 2015

“This has been very beneficial to our pet and our family. We have gained a lot of knowledge and tools to help with the training process. You have been a blessing to us and Blitz.  Thank you so much for your service, patience, and kindness!” —Kim S. and German Shepherd Dog Blitz, April 2015

“Thank you Glenda, for the wonderful class last night, we learned and enjoyed a lot. You are a great trainer and the way you do it is amazing. All of us (pets, kid and adults) were really interested and open to your guidance. I am sure that we are in good hands to take the control in the house. See you soon!” —Alex and Sylvia B. and Terrier mix Crystal, April 2015

“Thor was very nervous and jumpy around people, including ourselves. Glenda made sure to give him the training he needed as well as the attention we all needed. Services provided were beyond expectations. We have seen many improvements in Thor in such a short time—services were awesome.” —Christine H. and German Shepherd Dog mix Thor, March 2015

“Glenda was great, informative, and very respectful towards our family and dogs, and the techniques work.” —Gregory & Erica K. and Pug Minka and Shiba Inu Watson, March 2015

“Good at explaining dog’s feelings and fears. Appreciated the help.” —Risher G. and Spaniel mix Sadie, March 2015

“(Glenda was) very nice and treated us kindly, answered our questions, and helped us with our dog King! (He is 10 times better).” —Dillon and Gerri H. and Dachshund King, February 2015

“(We would recommend Heeling Hounds) because of the quick modifications in our dogs! GLENDA YOU FLIPPING ROCK! KEEP IT UP!” —Bobby and Maria M. and St. Bernard Bigfoot and Corgi mix Astro, January 2015

“(Glenda was) very kind and patient with our dog and us.” —Sergio and Delia D. and German Shepherd Ginger, January 2015

“(Glenda) answered all questions and was thorough, with easy-to-follow instructions.” —Nancy K. and Dachshund Charlie, January 2015

“Not only did I find Glenda very professional, I also found that the more educated I was, the better Ollee responded and the more fun I had! Thank you for your professionalism, your caring, and your joyful outlook.” —Jamie A. and Goldendoodle Oleander, December 2014

“Thank you! We look forward to seeing Meadow continue to learn great habits with all the tools you've given us! We’ve been given lots of useful tips/strategies! We already see a big improvement!” —Michelle M. and Pit Bull Meadow, December 2014

“I just want to commend Glenda on the awesome work she does. We had our first consultation with her on Tuesday night for my little terrier mix shelter dog who has serious issues with strangers (barking, lunging, nipping). By the end of the evening she had him eating out of her hands. After just one night of working with him and giving me the proper training tools he was doing 100% better the next day. We sat out front and watched strangers pass by and he barely woofed at them. No lunging, no loud barking, no ears going back. This gives me hope that my little moody guy can become a well mannered member of the canine world. We still have a lot of work to do but Glenda’s techniques work! I would recommend her to anyone with a problem dog.” —Nicole S. and Cocker Spaniel/Terrier mix Teo, October 2014

“Even when I thought I knew plenty about maintaining my dog, I realized there was so much more I could teach her and advance her training. Thank you for all the service and help. It has not only helped in my relationship with my dog, but in integrating her even more to the family and her brother. Also, thank you for all the love and caring behavior towards Cleo.” —Laurencia D. and Flat-Coated Retriever mix Cleo, August 2014

“It was very helpful with the understanding of our relationship between us and our pet. Thank you so much! We truly enjoyed your visits!” —Fernie and Lucy L. and Schnauzer mix Chili, August 2014

“The training session went beyond awesome. Katherine rocks. Thank you again mucho!” —Barbara C. and Basset Hound Schatzi, July 2014

“I spoke with you about a week ago regarding our interest in setting up some training sessions for our Shih Tzu puppy we got last Monday. You referred me to Katharine since we live on the East Side. Katharine contacted us right away and we set up our first session last Tuesday. It was such a relief to have such a prompt response, as we were anxious about having a new puppy. Her calm and friendly personality made us and our puppy, Coco, feel at ease! She has given us so much useful information and given us the confidence to know we are headed in the right direction in training Coco. We learned so much in just 3 sessions. She taught us how to help calm her down, gave us information on crate training and house training, taught Coco Sit and Down, and we are working on walking her with the leash. We just wanted you to know how happy we were with Katharine and your services and we look forward to our future sessions with her!” —Ana S. and and Shih Tzu Coco, July 2014

“I am just so impressed! I wish I had found (Katherine) earlier! We have made progress in many areas since working together. I am starting to really enjoy my calmer, better-behaved dog. Keep on with what you're doing. Thank you so much!” —Susan Y. and Doberman Pinscher Gilly, July 2014

“Thank you so much for the information and training tips. Wash seems a lot happier and more relaxed overall. We learned a lot of different ways to interact with and train our dog. Everything has been great!” —Joshua and Olivia W. and Welsh Corgi Wash, July 2014

“Our Peggy had a hard life before she found us. Peggy didn't know how our family worked, but Glenda helped Peggy know how we work and we all work very well together now. Thanks to Heeling Hounds for making our family whole.” —Kerry & Paula W. and Sheltie mix Peggy, July 2014

“I almost started crying to see how well he did. I can’t thank Glenda enough. Her knowledge on dogs exceeded expectations. I would have been lost without her. Thank you so much Glenda :-) We are all looking forward to having fun training Ace. We are already feeling a huge burden was lifted, and we could not have done it without you.” —Jonathon B. and deaf Pit Bull Ace, July 2014

“Had the most amazing training session with Glenda tonight! I can't thank you enough. I finally learned what I was doing wrong with our pack and we made some real progress. I actually controlled the entire herd in the backyard. Glenda showed me so many things in ‘Dog Language.’ Only one session and my pack is a whole new pack. Just as we communicate with our horses, I learned how to really communicate with my dogs. OH MY... IT’S AMAZING.” —Angie and Harry S. and mixed breeds Tootsie, Chalupa, Rocky, Bear, Tramp, Buddy, Chloe, Mama, Lady, Riley, Hadley, Weenie, and Jack, June 2014

“Thanks for all the help with Penny and Persia! Penny is still working hard on ‘Leave it,’ and we are getting better with it. Persia has not growled at a single passerby in the window all weekend and now knows the word ‘friend’ (and will actually take a treat with someone in her space). You have definitely been a huge help in just one visit!” —Lindsey B. and English Mastiff Persia and Dachshund Penny, April 2014

“Katherine is a very pleasant person — excellent with my dog. Keep doing the same program with excellence.” —Pat M. and Schnauzer Tinker, June 2014

“Katherine was very patient and caring! Very knowledgable and professional. Thank you!” —Jessica U. and Dachsunds Frito and Tipsie, March 2014

“Very relaxed, comforting approach; makes me feel confident I’m doing well” —Kathleen R. and Shepherd mix Molly, February 2014

“Loved the ‘quietness’ of the training. My puppy was happy to oblige to all commands. Was completely satisfied and I have learned so much about how dogs think and react. Very thankful!” —Rita R. and Shih Tzu Casper, February 2014

“Excellent service; very, very satisfied. Please use us as a reference.” —Ron & Debbie R. and Pit Bull mixes Bandit, Cleopatra, Mariah, and Sprocket, January 2014

“Thorough, knowledgeable, and patient—all assets you need in a good dog trainer. After steering us in the right direction, we were able to see which of our behaviors were affecting our dog Jack. With the continued behavior modification plan, we expect he will be settling in just fine.  Thank you for all your effort and patience.” —John and Caroline V. and Terrier mix Jack, February 2014

“Times were very convenient. Price was extremely reasonable.” —Renee N. and Border Collie/Catahoula mix Nilla, December 2013

“I learned a lot and had a positive outcome as well as getting closer to my dog. Very happy with our outcome. He listens better and nothing is being torn or broken now.” —Alejandra B. and Golden Retriever Niko, December 2013

“I can’t recommend Glenda enough. We were trying to find a home for our St. Bernard because we are senior citizens and Fiona was so strong and unruly. I was afraid to walk her because she would drag me everywhere. One session with Glenda and Fiona was paying attention and trying to please. The second session I was walking her by myself and feeling very confident. We walk every day with no problems. Even today when we came upon a dog off leash, Fiona was controllable. We have three other dogs and they are all more responsive. Thank you so much Glenda.” —George and Sharon L. and St. Bernard Fiona, November 2013

“My dog, Tino, and I had our first session with Glenda this evening and he is already so amazingly well-behaved—after only one session! Thank you!” —Lynn G. and Shepherd mix Tino, December 2013

“Had another session with Glenda, of Heeling Hounds Dog Training. She’s the best, guys. Seriously. I highly recommend her.” —Katy H. and Syrena, Heeler mix, November 2013

“Our training session with Heeling Hounds was awesome! We learned many things to be better parents to our dogs! Awesome service, professional, caring—Glenda really knows what she’s doing. Don’t expect her to “fix” your dog, expect her to help you be a better “pack leader” and your dog will improve as a result.” —Miguel and Berenice G. and Scottish Terriers Oleo, Frida, and Gala, November 2013

“I was very much impressed from the very start with your professional approach (and) your obvious knowledge of training. The results were immediate and just exactly what was needed. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing help with pets.” —LTC(Ret) Bob C. and Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix Woody, September 2013

“Great education provided, and Glenda was very patient with our pooches. Thank you for all that you've taught us. We feel closer to our dogs and much better able to communicate with them. :-) Keep up the great work! :-)” —Joe and Zaira C. and Labrador Retriever Lucky, September 2013

“Extremely professional and has a very positive attitude. She is great with our dogs and has given fantastic advice.” —Joe and Kim B. and Boxer/Heeler mix Abby and Chihuahua/Terrier mix Bells, July 2013

“Very easy to understand explanations, and goes into lots of detail for me!  I used to be nervous taking my Rottweiler out in public because he fears men, but Glenda showed me easy techniques to desensitize him to his fears. Thanks to her, I can now take my puppy out and show him how to be more confident in public. I would recommend Glenda to everyone who owns a dog.” —Junior and Emily S. and Rottweiler Boris, April 2013

“Glenda was very helpful.  She made herself available via e-mail or Facebook and answered questions.  (Glenda) understands dogs’ behavior and how to modify it.  It was awesome.  Her knowledge is invaluable!!” —Franco and Monica B. and Poodle mix Bisou, March 2013

“The techniques worked! My little man listens to me more and we are both happier because of it. I am so happy with the training and service! It was a wonderful experience overall! Keep on doing what you're doing! :-)” —Carissa D. and Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix Theseus, February 2013

“We are very thankful to Heeling Hounds. Glenda gave us the tools we need to ensure a happy and healthy home with our new puppy. I have already recommended Heeling Hounds because we were very pleased with the service and wonderful guidance.” —The B. Family and German Shepherd/Lab mix Irish, January 2013

“Absolutely excellent services. Trainer is very gentle in her approach and very reinforcing of pet owner’s skills. Trainer's sense of humor is delightful.” —Sally J. and Chihuahua Kaki, January 2013

“Glenda Herrin is a great teacher. I’m very confident working with a professional who has the knowledge and expertise to make my investment in dog training safe and effective. Thank you!” —Imelda S. and Golden Retriever Sasha, December 2012

“(Glenda has) fantastic knowledge and genuine care for dogs.  :-)  Very easy to talk to and get along with. Your service is AWESOME!" —Richelle C. and Mixed Herding Breed Zumi, December 2012

“Heeling Hounds helped our Pit Bull puppy to stay calm and not jump when guests come over.  We were provided awesome resources to continue working with him.  Thank you!” —Ernest and Rebecca S. and Pit Bull Dozer, November 2012

“Glenda does an excellent job!  She helped us with our Pit Bull/Boxer mix.  He now understands that he cannot dictate what the family does.  We are all much happier thanks to her training!  Glenda’s passion for dogs and for helping people makes her guidance fun for us and for our dogs.” —Frank and Araceli P. and Pit Bull/Boxer Oso, October 2012

“The behavior of my dog has significantly improved for such a small amount of time.  I was very happy with Heeling Hounds’ service.” —Monica P. and Bichon Frise Max, October 2012

“Thank you Glenda for all of your help with our pup Miss Jillian! It’s still ongoing, but the training worked like a charm! We were so blessed to have met you and take in all of your knowledge and advice!” —Cory and Jennifer J. and Pit Bull/Lab mix Jillian, September 2012

“Just after ONE visit our dog's behavior changed dramatically. WE LOVE YOU GLENDA!!! THANK YOU!” —Isha R. and German Shepherd mix Sammi, August 2012

“(Glenda was) very helpful, a good listener, and does not make you feel inadequate. Spends the needed time to make you and your pet know what is expected.“ —Terrel B. and Pit Bull mix Tess, August 2012

“The skills of (the) trainer were amazing, and having her come to my home for sessions allowed us to learn and practice in our own environment, and it really helped me with my work and commute schedule! I think Glenda provided my husband and I with a lot of training and that really helped Annabelle! Her skills and knowledge made it easy to trust her, and her patience made it easy to ask questions. She made us and Annabelle feel good, and improve our behaviors.” —Susan G. and Golden Retriever Annabelle Rose, June 2012

“Very pleasant (and) friendly with many solutions/options to help us get our puppy on the right track. Offered a dog park session to help with socialization. Thank you!  :-)” —Mike & Ginsie C. and Pit Bull Salt and Boxer Kassius, May 2012

“Thank you for helping us calm our dog [and getting him to] behave much better! Now I don't feel like I’m fighting him all the time!” —Steve and Rebecca B. and Schnauzer/Poodle mix Eddie, May 2012

“I have confidence in Glenda and her knowledge of dogs. Keifer is my proof! :-)” —Kendall S. and Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix Keifer, April 2012

“Glenda has helped us tremendously with our boxer Charlie, and our Dobie Dallas. Charlie met her when he was a pup and now he has blossomed into the most perfect dog ever. We just recently adopted Dallas and we knew we could count on Glenda to help us direct her into a better-behaved dog. After just one session we’ve seen a huge difference in her. Highly recommend! Thank you!” —Christian and Jennifer A. and Boxer Charlie and Doberman Pinscher Dallas, March 2012

“Very lovely, not judgmental, very helpful, and tips and training are very helpful—you are perfect!  I will definitely call if I need advice or more help.  Thank you for everything!” —Patricia H. and Beagle mix Leyla, March 2012

“I found Glenda to be very knowledgeable and she addressed all my concerns in a very patient manner. Glenda—as I told you, the greatest gift you gave to me was the confidence I now have when I am with Albert. I was so nervous about him at first and so prejudiced against Pit Bulls that I am ashamed I bought into all the negative information I had heard about the breed. I feel that Albert is responding well to me, and I know with the foundation you've given us, our relationship will continue to get better and better! Thank you so much!” —Ellen D. and Pit Bull Albert, February 2012

“Sooo patient, down to earth and very knowledgeable. Took her time with our pet and her genuine love of pets was awesome!” —Stephen and Christina G. and Poodle-Terrier mix Chief, January 2012

“It is of tremendous value to have the trainer come to the dog’s environment. In the case of Glenda, what a joy, not just an advantage. We were immediately enthralled with her and her approach to our sweet Gracie. The training/learning opportunity began as soon as we opened the door. Phrase by phrase, line by line, comment after comment... all pertinent to the learning and education of us humans—and all for the benefit of our dog. Glenda is not only charming and fun, but extremely knowledgeable and is a magnificent coach!” —Dr. Cindy J. and Bichon Frise Gracie, December 2011

“Tailor-made solutions to our very bossy Mastiff!” —Jennifer S. and Dogue de Bordeaux Stella, December 2011

“Great experience for me and Mac!” —Katherine P. and Pit Bull Mac, November 2011

“In just two sessions I can see a big improvement in the behavior of my dog and I understand him a lot better.  Thank you so much for all you have done to help me (us).  I am a much happier fur mama.  :-)” —Louise R. and Chocolate Lab Buddy, October 2011

“We cannot thank you enough for all of your help!  We have seen such a difference in Cuatro in such a short time of you working with him; and you have made it clear and simple for us to continue working with him!  Thank you so much for all of your help, kindness, and patience!” —Lauren H. and Akita/German Shepherd mix Cuatro, Viszla mix Maddie, Lab mix Wyatt, and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix Miller, September 2011.

“(Glenda) helped me learn how to speak to my dogs and how they would respond.  It was all very good.” —Karen B. and Standard Poodle Stella, Schnauzer Max, and Miniature Poodle Winston, August 2011.

“We love you!” —Laura W. and Corgi mix Jellybean and Terrier mix Tuba, August 2011.

“Simple but comprehensive training ideas!” —Kari R. and Labradoodle Bear, August 2011.

“I would definitely recommend (Heeling Hounds) because I saw a dramatic change within minutes, and in 24 hours a full 180 change. Thank you for everything! :-)” —Guadalupe A. and Boxer-American Bulldog mix Shadow, July 2011.

“Very professional, genuine, and truly knowledgeable. My dogs love her. (So did I)! I am so grateful that I received a gift certificate for Heeling Hounds. I saw immediate improvement in my dogs. Glenda demonstrated compassion, understanding, and made me feel very comfortable. She answered all of my questions and gave me insight on ways to improve daily life with my dogs. Thank you so much! I will absolutely recommend this company to others! :-)” —Patrice B. and German Shorthair Pointer mix Sugar Bear, Fox Terrier mix Doja, and Pit Bull mix Millie, June 2011.

“Great tips. Loved watching Glenda interact with dogs and show us how to work with them.” —Ed and Mary H. and Red Heeler Bronze, Shepherd Mix Heidi, Lab Mix Marley, and Lab/Chow Mix Star, April 2011.

“Thank You! My family is complete!” —Marcello and Kathy C. and German Shepherds Lola and Sarge, April 2011.

“Glenda is a knowledgeable professional who brings practical insights and advice even to long time pet owners. Our problem was somewhat unique and she gave us much more than our money’s worth. Her focus on the total picture was extremely welcome and she was able to make concrete recommendations in a short time. I highly recommend this basic training experience for all dog owners.” —Norm and Cheryl G. and Standard Poodle Zazu, March 2011.

“We think the world of Glenda.  She has been so helpful with Allie.  Her knowledge and personality make you so comfortable.  Her instructions are easy to follow and she keeps track of the things you've discussed previously.  She is extremely organized which is a great asset.” —Benny and Allana A. and Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix Allie, December 2010.

“(I would recommend Heeling Hounds because) I know any problems any owners had with their dogs would and can be solved. Glenda went above and beyond with her time and attention with us and our boys.” —Brian and Catherine P. and Chihuahuas Pepito and Trey and Golden Retriever Archie, December 2010.

“You can feel Glenda loves dogs, and she knows them and their needs, so she can help you with everything.” —Maria T. and Golden Retriever Marcell, December 2010.

“Glenda, you have been very helpful with all your knowledge that you provided to our family. We are very grateful you helped us a lot. The changes in our dog’s behavior brought peace to our home. Thank you, Glenda!” —Felicia A. and Miniature Schnauzer Frodo, October 2010.

“Glenda is very professional and taught us valuable skills to train and interact with our dogs. We were scared when we adopted a Pit Bull mix, but she showed us how to help her get along with the Chow/Shepherd mix. Glenda, thank you so much for everything--you really put us at ease by teaching us the right techniques to properly train our dogs. Zena and Juju thank you too!” —Curran and Liza C. and Pit Bull Zena and Chow/Shepherd mix Juju, May 2010.

“Glenda, you are fabulous to work with. Thank you for loving animals enough to research the most effective ways to train. Your advice and encouragement have given us the confidence to walk down a new path with our pack. We look forward to working with you even more as we achieve our goals.” —Michelle B. and Terrier mixes Lady, Brownie, Tramp, Duke, & Daisy, April 2010

“It was a pleasure to work with you! Your personality and the way you trained me and Aaron was the best experience I ever had. It took us a few minutes every day to turn our dogs from hyper to calm and good dogs. We will miss you and I wish you could do that everywhere in the world. You are awesome! Thank you so much! Please never stop what you are doing. Dog owners need you in their homes! We love you!” —Alexandra and Aaron and Cocker Spaniel Harley and German Shepherd mix Ivy, March 2010.

“You were so helpful with our puppy. Thank you so much! Your tips helped immensely in getting him to love his crate and to minimize his "puppy nipping." We have already given your info to a couple we know who just adopted 2 dogs. We know who we will call in the future if we start noticing any other problems in Remy.” —Anne & Patrick R. and Border Collie mix Remy, February 2010

“Heeling Hounds is a great pet service. The instructions were easy to follow and my dog enjoyed the lessons. I have seen an amazing improvement in my dog and you were super nice. Thank you so much for everything and I hope to keep seeing you!” —Lizzy R. and Yorkshire Terrier Coco, April 2010

“Thanks so much for everything you do! You're great and this has been a wonderful training experience.” —Desiree R. and Cockapoo Toby and Lhasa Apsos Ginger and Lucy, February 2010

“I want to thank you so much for our first training session, it was a big help. I realized a few things that I was not following through with, plus I learned some new things as well. You are very professional and open minded and a pleasure to work with. I really enjoyed our ‘ahaaa’ moments. I look forward to our future training sessions.” —Rosie G. and Boxer Roxy and Rhodesian Ridgeback Angel, 2010

“Glenda was wonderful with helping us learn better ways to train our puppy.  Very enjoyable, look forward to seeing you in the future.  Keep up the good work!” —Chris I. & Nicole M. and Weimaraner puppy Milo, 2009

“We just wanted to thank you for the training session; we learned that we were not exactly doing it the correct way. Now that we are doing it the correct way, he is starting to improve.  We are very, very pleased with your training and look forward to the next session.  The price for the session was the best money we have spent in a very long time.” —Pete and Patti H., and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix Nipper, 2009

“Glenda is a knowledgeable professional.  I enjoyed Glenda’s visits.  Glenda is a patient dog lover.  I learned a lot from her.  I have recommended her to many people.” —Gertrude M. and Dachshunds Katia, Wally, Sunshine, Dolly, Blackie, Ava, and Chihuahua Mack, 2009

“Glenda, I would like to thank you for the first but by far not the last time we meet. We were amazed with the almost instant change in Bella last night. Thank you.” —John M. and Pit Bulls Bella and Boss, 2009

“I enjoy the energy Glenda puts off. Both Bear and Bella react positively. I enjoyed working with Heeling Hounds. I have learned so much, especially that it starts with me, the leader. I have seen a huge amount of improvement in Bella with the techniques I have learned. I can show others how to train their puppies. It gives me great joy to be able to teach dogs to be obedient and still have fun at the same time. Thank you for everything, Glenda.” —Crystal S. and Pit Bull Bella and Chow Chow Bear, 2009

“Very professional and understanding and patient with myself and Bella—thank you so much for everything.” —Debbie M. and Chihuahua Bella, 2009

“Glenda has really helped with our Basset Hound—she had so many bad issues and Glenda has helped greatly with her!” —Mike and Lou B. and Basset Hound Sallie, 2009

“Keep those valuable comments coming on your website, Glenda—you and Cesar Millan are on the same page on a lot of advice!” —Joe B. and Pit Bull Oreo, 2009

“Glenda, my babies adore you and so do I—thank you.” —Margie T. and Golden-Doodle Bear, Terrier Mix Swanky and Terrier Mix Tidbit, 2009

“Thank you for your services. Achilles has improved somewhat and Susie’s confidence-level has skyrocketed since your coming—she has really blossomed thanks to you!” —Frank P. and Boxers Achilles and Susie, 2009

“My Dad is really enjoying your training him—he always laughs when he talks about your sessions—thanks so much!” —Mary P. and Arturo H. and Terrier Mix Camille, 2009

“Very knowledgeable on the topics I asked; very patient; answers all questions.” —Ruben S. and Beagle Copper, 2009