Heeling Hounds announces that its owner and founder, Glenda Herrin, is relocating out of the El Paso area. We offer a huge and heartfelt thank you to the more than 800 clients who have supported Heeling Hounds these past nine years—it has been an absolute honor and pleasure to work with all of you. Please check out our Resources page to find alternate trainers in the El Paso area.

Heeling Hounds offers:

• Effective Behavior Modification

• Tailored Obedience Training

• Individualized Adoption Transition Counseling

• Customized In-Home Day Training

• Trainer Tag-Along Program

     A portion of all Heeling Hounds proceeds are donated to “Homes for our Troops,” an
     organization whose mission is building specially-adapted homes for severely injured veterans.

Heeling Hounds is accredited through the Better Business Bureau.