Trainer Tag-Along Program

Are you interested in entering the field of dog training but don’t want to spend $3000 or more to attend an on-line or in-person school?

Wondering whether working with dogs and clients is right for you?

Join Heeling Hounds owner & certified professional dog trainer, Glenda Herrin, to receive one-on-one, personalized counseling, advice, resources, behind-the-scenes tips and tricks, and in-person Trainer Tag-Along sessions with actual clients!

A four-phase session is now available!

Phase 1

Initial Meet-and-Greet ($75)

We will cover:
• What beginning and experienced trainers should know and do    
• Video, book and webinar resources    
• Acquiring hands-on resources and experience    
• Respected, well-known names in the field and their philosophies and publications    
• Nationally-recognized certifying organizations—what to look for, buzzwords and how to go about getting a certification    
• How to choose the services you wish to offer    
• Modalities of training and deciding which one you will choose to embrace    
• Pros and cons of working in the profession    

Phase 2

Ride Along Sessions ($25 each, minimum of four)

Observe and learn from attending actual client sessions which include:
• Adoption transition counseling    
• Behavior modification    
• Obedience training    
• How a trainer interacts with clients and dogs    

Phase 3

Wrap-up Meeting ($150, which includes Portfolio and CD-ROM with samples and examples)

• Two-hour discussion targeting tips and suggestions for accurate recordkeeping    
• Client documentation    
• Drawing up a legal contract    
• Appropriate safeguarding of records    
• Marketing materials    
• Phone etiquette and how to handle clients on the phone    
• Whether and when to refer a case to another trainer    
• Procuring business insurance, and more.    

Includes free CD-ROM and portfolio with dozens of samples, examples, tips and tricks!    

Phase 4

Additional Coaching (optional, $40/hour)

Additional coaching available upon completion of first three Phases; provides further hands-on instruction and tailored suggestions.    

Pricing and Payment

• $100 down payment required at Phase 1 meeting    
• Remainder ($225) required upon starting Phase 2    
• Total cost is $325